Condition Guide

New Condition

Items are still in wrappers if they came in wrappers. No bent corners or signs of wear anywhere on or inside the item. Unused. (Still cracks when opened)


Example New Condition

Very Good Condition

Most items fall into this category. Very little to no highlighting or underlining. Little to no visible wear on the cover. Zero water or spine damage.


Example Very Good Condition

Good Condition

Has less than 10% highlighting or underlining throughout the book. Some visible wear on the cover (slightly bent or frayed corners). May have some water damage. Item can be used by another student without distracting them from the text.


Example Good Condition

Unacceptable Condition

Item has more than 10% highlighting, writing, or underlining throughout the item. Has severe water or spine damage. Front or back cover may be missing. Item is not able to be comfortably used by another student.


Example Unacceptable Condition