Rental Plan Policy

Product Service

Purchasing the Rental Plan you will receive $1000 of total List Price to use towards rentals for the fall and spring semesters, as well as the summer session.

List Price

The List Price used for each item will be clearly marked next to each item on the website and is the amount that will be deducted from the Rental Plan's List Price allotment. List Price is a new items recommended retail value suggested by publishers and other sources.

Rentable Items

We only rent books that can be reused; workbooks, study guides, laboratory manuals, periodicals, access codes, custom published items and other consumable materials are not rented and are not included in the rental plan. Furthermore, we do not guarantee that access codes/keys/cards, CDs, DVDs, workbooks, or any other type of supplemental material will come with books purchased or rented. If a book you rent or buy from West Campus Books arrives with a supplement, you are allowed to use it at no extra cost. At the end of the rental, all supplemental material must be returned with the book rented.

Timeframe of Service

The Rental Plan cover can be used towards books during consecutive fall, spring, and summer school sessions. The plan being purchased will clearly indicate the three terms for which the Rental Plan will be valid. Any remaining List Price from the first session may be used towards books in the second and third session. Unused List Price remaining after the last day to add books for the third session is at that point expired.

Adding and Removing Items

You may adjust the items on your Rental Plan starting from the day of purchase through the end of the add/drop period. After the add/drop period is over, items are finalized for and the List Price amounts will be deducted from your Plan total.

You may add new items for the next semester once all the previous semester items have been returned. You may then make adjustments to your Rental Plan.

Class Schedules

Students may only add items relevant to classes on their class schedule registered with the university for the current semester. Students may not add items for any other persons or add duplicate copies of an item in the same semester. Student must be able to provide proof of class enrollment to West Campus Books upon request.

Exceeding Limit

Items will be added to the Rental Plan's List Price allotment until the plan is maxed out. Should your book load exceed the Rental Plan allotted List Price you will have the option to continue to add items at a rental cost of 40% of every exceeded List Price dollar.

Purchasing A Rental

If you're interested in keeping a rental permanently, you have the option of purchasing your rental. If you want to purchase a rental, you will be charged the purchase (new) price of the book plus any applicable sales tax. The List Price of the purchased book will go back onto your Rental Plan.

If you have exceeded the Rental Plan's List Price allotment, you will be charged for the purchase of the book less the initial 40% List Price rental cost of every dollar exceeding the limit.

To buy a book you are renting, you may do so from the Current Rentals tab on your My Accounts page and selecting which books you wish to purchase and proceed with checkout.

Books Not Returned by Due Date

Return your books by the last day of your rental period. (For more information on our return process see the Returning-Rented-Items section of the service policy.)

If your book is not returned by the end of your rental period, you will be charged for a 15 day extension at the current daily rate of your rental which must be paid for with a credit card. You can view the price of a 15 day extension for your book at any time by logging into your West Campus Books account. If your book has not been returned by the end of this 15 day extension, we assume you are keeping your book and you will be charged the buyout price and the List Price from that book will go back onto your Rental Plan.

If you have not returned the book by the due date and we are unable to charge your credit/debit card, it is your responsibility to pay the fee immediately. You will be notified via email if your credit/debit card was declined and have 15 days to pay this fee before your account is turned over to a third-party collection agency. Accounts with unpaid balances will be placed on hold and all activity suspended until the balance is paid in full.