The Rental Plan
The Rental Plan

Fall 2017 to Summer 2018

The Rental Plan

What is included?

  • $1000 List Price worth of books
  • Plan good from Fall 2017 to Summer 2018
  • Free delivery and pickup
  • Easily add and drop classes online
  • Return any item for a refund for any reason during our returns period
  • Discounted rental price for books if you exceed list price limit
  • Purchase books you want to keep at a discounted price
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Rental Plan Steps

Frequently Asked Questions

How does renting work?

Renting textbooks is a lot like renting a movie from Red Box. Instead of paying the full price and keeping an item, you only pay a fraction of the cost with an obligation to return it in good condition.

What is the Rental Plan?

The Rental Plan is a flat rate option that allows you to rent up to $1,000 list price worth of rentable books. The Rental Plan is good for the year, covering the fall, spring and summer semester.

Which items are not included in The Rental Plan?

Some items such as access codes and workbooks are consumable one-time-use items and are not able to be used by multiple students. These items can be purchased separately and are yours to keep. These items include:

Workbooks Lab Manuals
Access Codes Course Packets
E-books Custom Books

In what condition can I expect to receive my rental books?

All of our rentals are considered to be in Good Used Condition or better containing little to no highlighting or underlining. All pages and the cover are intact and in strong cosmetic shape.

Each of our books are individually inspected for quality control. If an item slips by our conditioners and does not meet your expectations, let us know and we’ll exchange it for a better one.

What if I exceed the $1,000 list price allotment?

If you exceed the $1,000 list price limit on the Rental Plan, you can add additional items to your plan for only 40% of the list price.

You may also renew your Rental Plan which would give you an additional $1,000 list price to use toward your books. This option will save you money in the long run if you have at least one more year of classes before graduation.

What if I don’t use all my List Price within a year?

At the end of your Rental Plan’s last semester, you will have the option to purchase a roll-over Rental Plan in which all your unused LP will be rolled into and will be good through the next year.

When are rented items due?

You must return all your rental items at the end of each semester after finals.

Fall 2017 Rentals Due: December 20, 2017.

What if I miss the deadline for returning my rentals?

If any rentals are not returned by the due date you will be charged a small 15 day rental extension for each item not returned. After the 15 day extension you items will be converted to a purchase and you will be charged for the remaining balance of the books.

What if i decide I want to keep or lose a book?

You may convert your Rental Plan item to a purchase at any time throughout the semester. When an item is converted to a purchase, the book will be removed from your Rental Plan, and the list price of the book will be added back to your remaining list price amount.

The convert to purchase price is the Used or New price of the book at the time of ordering depending depending on whether you received a New or Used book.